Firefighting Apparatus

First Class offers the highly dependable, smart and functional  Spencer Fire Trucksaerials, quints, platforms, attacks, pumpers, and tankers.

Choose between Aluminum or Poly body construction to perform in any environment – from the tight crowded quarters of the City of Pittsburgh t0 small townships and cities across the US. Smart, strong construction combined with innovative engineering produce a ride unlike any others.

Spencer Fire Trucks is a small family owned and operated company that started from humble beginnings in 1986. In their 35+ years, we have seen many apparatus builders come and go, but Specer’s uncompromising commitment to quality and innovation has allowed them to grow every year.

Departments with territories that require a spec-and-build process will appreciate Spencer’s next generation thinking and the ability to consider whether starting from an apparatus that has already been built, and tested in service provides better fiscal, functional or delivery advantages.

First Class has the expertise to upfit any unit to the specific needs of your territory. Let us add AC power, warning and communication systems, storage organization, lettering and equipment to make any apparatus fit for duty.

Need QRVs, Rescues, Brush Trucks and skid units? First Class has the right solution at the right price. Use the online Contact Us form now to tell us whether you’re replacing an aged skid unit or building a new vehicle and we’ll make sure every dollar counts.

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